Benefits to Accepting Payments Wherever You Go

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You know you need to accept payments of all forms when you’re at the office or your brick and mortar shop, but what about when you’re on the go?

Many companies are tethered to the cash register at their place of business. They can’t accept payments when they’re off the premises – let alone in entirely different regions of the company!

And while this may seem like a small limitation on the surface, business owners who want to expand their horizons may find that there are ample more opportunities for income once they disconnect from the workplace, and start exploring their options.

So how can the ability to accept wireless payments boost your business? Here are just a few examples…

Trade Shows

Small businesses and new companies can garner a lot of exposure with a trade show! Whether you are part of an exposition, a vendor at a conference, or just a booth at a local market, being able to accept payments outside of a brick-and-mortar locale will expand your opportunities for income in so many ways.

A trade show or other exposition allows you to find new customers without them having to visit your store.

They can also help generate additional income outside the confines of your workplace. With an ability to accept payments at any trade or industry event, you can boost your income throughout the country.

Sales Representatives

Give your sales representatives a prime opportunity to do a better and more efficient job by allowing them to accept payments wherever their business takes them.

By bypassing the need to come up with an outside payment solution for new clients, sales representatives can make the transaction on-site and while talking with a potential customer, enhancing their income potential.

In-Person Meetings

More prominent clients and customers may prefer a personal touch, and if you deal with transactions that generate from one-on-one or in-person meetings, then the ability to accept payments wirelessly will continually help seal the deal.

Like the benefits for sales reps, wireless payments extend your business to new regions and allows you to make new connections all across the country.


What happens if your business or store suddenly has an emergency, like a power outage or an issue with your cash register?

Is your income on hold until these outside factors are resolved?

This is where a wireless processing service can help. With wireless processing, you have peace of mind you can continue to conduct business no matter the situation or locale, ensuring that your business can keep running smoothly without interruption.

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Simply put, an on-the-go payment processing option can help you find new markets and customers wherever you land, but if you want to implement a wireless payment system, what’s the next step?

Start by connecting with Alliance Bankcard! Many of the services we offer include wireless service for clients, which allows you to accept payments wherever your business takes you.

Best of all, with a stellar reputation and a long and established history, you can rest assured we have your back whenever questions arise – whether it’s at the office, or continually on the go.

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