Comprehensive Card Solutions to Streamline Your Purchasing

Manage expenses and meet your unique business needs with Alliance Bancard Systems’ comprehensive commercial card solutions. We’ll handle tax reporting, employee restrictions, interchange benefits, and more! Together we’ll identify the right card solution for your business needs.


Features & Benefits

  • Simplify your spending
  • Get a complete look at your organization’s spending
  • Restrict cards to certain types of purchasing
  • Customize cards to individual employee needs
  • Tailor your payments protocol to match your disbursement necessities


Commercial Card Interchange Service

In addition to these benefits, Alliance Bancard Systems is proud to offer our clients a Commercial Card Interchange Service. A simple, automated service that lowers interchange costs for merchants on eligible Commercial Card transactions. This service enables applicable merchants to qualify for more favorable Visa & MasterCard Commercial Card interchange for programs that require Sales Tax Amount to qualify.

Merchants often miss out on lower interchange rates by not supplying the Sales Tax Amount for Commercial Cards on eligible Visa and MasterCard transactions. Our solution? The Commercial Card Interchange Service, which employs tax software that identifies the sales tax rate based on your zip code. Once identified, the data is processed automatically and applied to qualifying transactions. Allowing your business to:

  • Obtain more favorable interchange qualification
  • Bill participating merchants for the service
  • Review and forward reporting of sales and transaction totals
  • Have a wholesale billing driver created to facilitate billing to channels using this service
  • Transactional-based fees only applied to transactions where service is performed.
  • Improve your bottom-line – with no set up or implementations