Payment Processing Simplified

Business owners and remote workers can accept payments easily from mail orders, telephone sales, or even in-person without comprising counter space. Smart terminal solutions from Alliance Bancard Systems allow you to streamline your payments for efficient and safe service. Go above and beyond basic payment processing and keep business moving with the right smart terminal solution.


Benefits and Features

Integrate operational functions into your payment terminal and take the check-out process directly to your customers. Our smart terminal solutions:

  • Are Scalable and Flexible
  • Have the Ability to Add Apps to Terminal
  • Integrate HR, Marketing, Risk Management Solutions, and more
  • Wireless Freedom
  • Save Space
  • Accept All Payments
  • Robust Reporting


Advantages of Smart Terminals from Alliance Bancard Systems

We proudly offer economical and Android-based smart terminal solutions with ops capabilities. Bringing functionality and business-management together with our smart terminal services, you can control the entire payment process and accept payments wherever your business takes you.