Credit and Debit Processing Wherever Your Business Takes You

Credit and debit processing solutions from Alliance Bancard Systems allow you to accept payments wherever your business takes you. We make it easy for small and medium-sized businesses across various industries to offer convenient payment options. We combine the latest technology, highest quality customer service, and a range of accepted card brands to deliver you the best!

Debit and credit card transactions are quickly replacing cash as the primary payment method. Understanding the benefits of each will help you as you grow your business.


Features & Benefits

Many people assume credit and debit cards are alike, and while they do have some similarities, like 16-digit account numbers, expiration dates, and PINs they have different features and benefits when it comes to acceptance method, dispute period, and cost structure.

Credit Cards

  • Signature only, V/MC/DI/AM
  • EMV is migrating to PIN entry for security purposes.
  • Dispute period longer 6-9 months, excessive fraud cases
  • Tends to standardized cost

Debit Cards

  • Two routings, see emblems on front and back of the card
  • PIN entry (Debit networks, back of card)
  • Signature (Card associations, front of card)
  • Costs different for PIN vs. Signature acceptance
  • Dispute period shorter 1-2 weeks, most disputes are product/service related
  • Tends to situational, because Debit cards can be routed two different ways

Credit cards allow customers to borrow money from their card issuer up to a set limit while debit cards enable consumers to spend their own money by withdrawing funds which were previously deposited with their card issuer.


Advantages of Alliance Bancard Systems’ Credit and Debit Processing

  • Interchange Plus pricing, both Credit and Debit
  • Flat item rate for Debit card processing
  • No additional fees for Debit Processing
  • No monthly Debit Acceptance fees or add-ons
  • No additional discount (or percentage) rates
  • We’ll educate your business on how to accept cards to take advantage of Credit and Debit network costs



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